Flirty body language

Who doesn’t love flirting? It is an action that emphasizes sexual differences. If flirting doesn’t exist, nightclub time can be very boring. Studies have shown that women are indicators of romantic encounter more often than men. Other studies have shown that man almost never pick up the signals. So, here is some help for you. If you spot some of these gestures in your date’s body language, he or she is flirting with you.


Women start their flirting with checking you out. After a while, they will let you notice that they see you. This is an indicator of them liking your looks. When you start talking, facial expressions can tell you a lot about the girl. For example, raised eyebrows, paired with a smile and a nod, suggest that she is agreeing with what you are saying. Also, chewing or licking her lips suggests that she draws attention to that part of her face. It has been known that women feel dirtier when they play with their mouth. Dialect pupils and flared nostrils are also a sign of flirting. When women enjoy the conversation, they subconsciously tend to widen their nostrils. Faster blinking is also connected to flirting. Beware of the way she touches her hair. A quick, jerky movement with her hair might mean that she is interested but shy. On the other hand, twirling her hair around her finger is a sign of affection. Next, women’s touching. Be careful if she is sitting with her arms crossed. That means she wants distance. But if she touches you constantly on your upper arm or leg, she is flirting. Look at her fingers. When flirting, women tend to touch their neck and collarbone or play with their jewelry and other objects around them.


Men tend to tilt their head when they look at you. It is a definite sign of affection. They do the lifting of the eyebrows and have flattered nostrils, all for the same reason as the woman do. Men make a flirtatious smile when they talk to a girl they like. They want to seem cute and coy. A closed mouth smile is also an indicator of flirting. It means that the guy wants but needs time to open up to you. Maintaining eye contact is also very important sign. If he looks at you, he probably likes you. Men tend to point their chest to the most important thing in the room. If he is turned towards you, he subconsciously thinks of you as the most important thing in the room. They also use their feet to give out an attitude of power. If his hands are at his waist, he is subconsciously directing your attention to that part of his body. Also, men tend to touch you gently when they flirt. For example, if he touches your back, upper arm or sides indicates that he cares about you. If they grab your arm in crowded places, they want to make a sign to everybody that you are with them. They also want to make sure you are feeling safe and wanted.…

Flirting Tips for the Less Crowd-friendly

To be born with an attitude that is not crowded friendly makes it hard to really score a whopping 100% on dates, it sometimes feels like you are getting all sweaty doing something new to you. Wipe that sweat and take time to read this tips that might help you in different situations.

At Work
Have you ever tried sending your co-worker a personal message but you seem to be shaky and deleted it many times and still ended up not sending it anyway? Oh well, as a newbie that seems to be normal.

Here’s the thing, take advantage of your stressful work, approach the person and suggest a night out or a simple dinner just to take the stress away, this is risky, but this one is better than wasting your time trying to type and delete a private message.

On a Night-out in a Bar
Well, you just gulp up those countless glasses of vodka as you stare at your target until you throw-up and pass out. When you keep doing this, you are letting opportunities slip through your fingers. How about you try those scenes from a movie – offer them a drink or tell the barista that you’ll be paying for their next one, come on! Take risks, don’t just pass out every time you see someone you like.

You Could Be Cool at School
Do you belong to the stalker population? Those who spend almost a semester just stealing glances and have dry daydreams, those accidental (and with no meaning at all) stares from your crush that almost left you with exploded heart, are these situations you want to be stuck in? Maybe it’s time you take a little step closer to the goal.

Make your existence known, walk in their direction and maybe do something cool or throw a punch line that calls attention, it is only you who knows why you’re being loud. If you could be a little bolder, join clubs or groups that they’re in, if possible, how about offering a study session extending it to other people and hope that she’ll go too.

Friends of Friends
So you start inserting the person’s name on the conversation and wait until your friend asks you if you’re interested, then if they did ask, you’ll start to play it cool and pretend you don’t. Come on, stop it with that nonsense.

The right thing to do is to try asking your friend if the person is still available and if he could set you up with a date with that friend. If not, you could come up with a group date and ask your friend if he could bring that person with him.

On Social Media
In here, talking to that person won’t be that hard, you could even stare at her without the person knowing. You are invisible, but the goal is to be noticed.

Though social media would allow you to say anything you want through a private message, don’t mess up and plan it well. It may be easier than actually approaching the person on the public but this is a one-time chance, don’t lose that opportunity.…